Consultant Services

The consultant services sector formed within the company deals with the readers’ business challenges within the fields of law, tax, and employment relations daily by phone. We answer approximately two hundred phone inquiries every day.

Business consulting for your business dilemmas

Do you own your own company / business or are you a manager in a company, do you want to start your own business, do you have a situation you don’t know how to solve, do you have a business idea and you don’t know where to start, do you want to organize an event or conference, do you have questions related to the promotion of the company / business or yourself, how to make a marketing plan, organize a sale? Do you want to start a medium? Do you have tax, accounting or legal concerns? Dilemmas on employment relations? Do you want an answer to a specific problem in the field of organization, management, marketing, promotion, tax, law and accounting?

The advisers from Poslovni savjetnik monthly magazines might know the answers to your questions. We invite you to individual consultations with experts from Poslovni savjetnik monthly magazines who have been through it all countless times in their careers. They are award-winning managers, recognized and acknowledged in the Croatian business community with a wealth of experience and outstanding business results, founders of several companies, initiators and implementers of many successful business projects.

Individual consulting is based on a wide, 26-year-long business knowledge and experience of the Business Media Group director and co-owner, Sandra Mihelčić in management, organization, marketing, promotion and media. She has a series of successfully commercialized business projects behind her - from idea to profit. She is the author of numerous articles, editor of business media and organizer of a number of business conferences and seminars with experience in making public appearances.

The client gets the possibility of consultations for all stages of doing business - from how to realize a business idea, how to protect and promote it, form prices, commercialize-market and sell, cooperate with the media, charge and ultimately earn money! Particular emphasis is given to entrepreneurial challenges: where to find personnel, capital, time, how to charge goods / services, treat customers and employees, how to organize and in which direction to develop the company, how to restructure it, how to present oneself and the company to the public and many others. We specialize in consulting on the organization of seminars and conferences and advising on launching media projects. In collaboration with colleagues, we are able to offer you individual advice in the field of tax, law and accounting.

Individual consulting is held by appointment, please send inquires with your contacts to

The cost of one hour of individual business consulting is EUR 215,00.

This form of individual consulting is necessary due to many daily phone inquiries for solving specific business situations from practice related to starting your own business, commercialization and ideas, together with organization, management, marketing, promotion, law, taxes and accounting.

Individual consulting is held in the period and duration as agreed in your or our company - 1.  Gajnički vidikovac 5, Zagreb.