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About Us - Business Media Group Zagreb

Business Media Group Zagreb is a distinguished media conglomerate that comprises two companies: Centar za management i savjetovanje Ltd. and Centar za računovodstvo i financije Ltd. Since our inception in 2002, our unwavering vision has been centered around the publication of specialized business media, establishing a unique and recognizable presence in the industry.

Our inaugural project, the monthly magazine "Računovodstvo i porezi u praksi," was launched in 2002 in both printed and online editions. Embodying the motto "Partner in every company," our publications are strategically placed on EU/Croatian desks, within accounting departments, alongside secretaries, tradesmen, lawyers, Croatian associations, and state institutions.

In addition to our extensive portfolio of printed and online business media, we excel in organizing conferences, seminars, events, and providing tax/legal consulting services. Collaborating with approximately a hundred contributing authors, we publish professional books and conduct seminars covering management, marketing, accounting, taxes, and law.

As a natural progression of our extensive business network, we have expanded our services to offer long-term residential property rentals in the Zagreb area.

Business Media Group in Numbers:

  • 2 business printed magazines
  • 3 business portals
  • 4,000 participants in various business training programs annually
  • 100,000 social media followers
  • 200 daily economic and legal consultations via our expert call center
  • 100 top associates, authors, and journalists
  • 22 years of consistent business operations

Our company is proudly one hundred percent domestically owned, with the founder and director investing private capital. Sandra Mihelčić, the director of the Center for Management and Consulting, is a recipient of the Croma's award for the best young manager in 2009, EU ambassador of female entrepreneurship, and winner of the international award "Creators for the Ages" for promoting entrepreneurship in Central and South Europe. Igor Milinović, declared the most respected Croatian tax expert in 2010.

Recognized by Croatian businessmen, Poslovni savjetnik is the chosen provider for the highest quality one-day and multi-day business conferences, seminars, and workshops in the Republic of Croatia. This acknowledgment is substantiated by quality research - BUSINESS QUDAL - QUality meDAL (www.qudal.hr) in February 2015 and November 2019. Additionally, we have been honored with the Best Buy award for the organization of one-day seminars for the 2020/2021 year, as per respondents exclusively comprising business professionals.